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Weldlogic Services as a contract service company and the sibling of a Capital Equipment provider, by nature comes across Customers and Prospects on a weekly basis from all sorts of industries ranging from the extremely critical 'Hands-On Criteria' of Aerospace, Medical and Military to the more 'Hands-Off' and open criteria of Automotive and Food processing or HVAC applications – With the many hand shakes over the years between The WSI Team and our Customers there has been just as many hands that were held and cultivated.

We can do prototypes, sub-assemblies, first articles, and more. Through the In-House Weld, Mechanical Design and Electrical design Engineering force shared between Parent Company Weldlogic, Inc. and WSI we have helped countless customers bring the complete (NPD) process from the 'Fuzzy Front-End' concept through hard design and fabrication of prototypes and into the 'Fuzzy Back-End' of the open market for you the customer and the smooth transitional ramp up into high volume Production for us internally as your new OEM provider.

The Team here prides itself in being able to accelerate your time to market and ensure your products are launched On-Time and Within Budget. Whether your introducing a new product, releasing a new variant to improve performance or looking for a "Single Source" to reduce manufacturing cost and have complete component accountability. Weldlogic Services brings your initial concept to functional prototype and beyond with our creative staff, expertise and manufacturing technologies.

Product Development Examples:

Military Cold Weather 304-S.S. Sanitary Canteen

Aerospace Fuses Assembly

Medical Surgical Needle / Trocar

Telecommunication Component

Power Generation – Coil assembly

Microwave enclosure – Fabricate & Hermetically Seal

Aerospace High Reliability Battery

Cross Sectioning of Weld Development through the WSI Quality Department


Cross Sectioning of Titanium Weld Development through the WSI Quality Department


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