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Welding (Laser, TIG, MIG, Plasma)
Weldlogic Services' core capabilities are in its Weld Labs.
We maintain a highly diverse Clean Room where all of our Production Welding is processed with Automatic Welding Systems to ensure precision and highly reliable repeat-ability.

With a full time Laser and TIG R&D department and 10+ efficient welding cells, Weldlogic Services offers exceptional and ROI positive welding services.

Our expertise in TIG, Laser, Micro TIG, Plasma and MIG processes are the result of over three decades of hands on experience. Here we find new & better ways to join materials for our O.E.M. customers. We invite you to challenge our welding team.
In-House Processes:
  • Laser
  • TIG
  • Micro-TIG
  • Plasma
  • MIG
  • 7 In-House Weldlogic 6100 Weld Stations
  • 3 CNC X-Y Precision Weld Tables
  • 2 Inert Atmosphere Weld Chambers with Moisture and Pressure controls & In-Line Bake Out
  • 3 Weldlogic PLS Seam Welders / PLS-24, PLS-48 & PLS-72
  • 4 Direct Delivery 10x Micro Laser Welding Cells
  • 3 Fiber Delivery YAG Lasers
  • 6 AWS-200 Computer Controlled TIG Power Supplies
  • 2 PA-10-100 Micro-TIG Power Supplies
  • 1 Fronius AC Power Supply
  • 2 600AMP Miller Access AC/DC Power Supplies
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